Real Estate Investing and Affiliate Marketing - Is it For You?

Dec 22, 2023
add passive income from comfort of your home, with WIFI, computer become an affiliate partner

In the rollercoaster world of real estate, I've seen friends and colleagues in the industry weather the storm during market downturns. Picture this: soaring interest rates, dwindling inventory, and frustrated buyers caught in a whirlwind of multiple offers with no house to call their own.

It's a tough place to be.  Many realtors face the challenge of maintaining a steady income when the market takes a nosedive.  In this article by Phil Norris of Authority Hacker explains if you have an audience, no matter how small and an interest. you can have an Affiliate business

That's where our Associates Affiliate Program steps in as a beacon of hope. It's more than just an opportunity; it's a solution. By joining our program, real estate professionals can break free from the financial rollercoaster that comes with market downturns. We've crafted this program as a lifeline, offering a way to secure a consistent income even in the most unpredictable market climates.

My drive for establishing this program stems from two fundamental passions. Firstly, I'm deeply passionate about real estate investing. I've witnessed far too many people being swindled out of thousands for training programs that promise the world but deliver little to no results. My aim is to break this cycle, providing authentic, valuable education that leads to tangible deals and success.

Secondly, real estate has been my pathway to long-term financial security. It's not just about personal gain; it's about spreading the wealth of knowledge. Our affiliate marketing program for online real estate courses isn't merely about earning commissions; it's a vehicle to share the secrets and strategies that have helped me and countless others build lasting wealth through real estate.

In essence, our mission is simple yet profound: to provide real estate investing knowledge. It's about empowering as many individuals as possible to benefit from this wealth-building avenue. Through our affiliate program, we've created a ripple effect of knowledge-sharing, ensuring that everyone, regardless of background or expertise, has access to invaluable insights and education.

But what exactly does this entail, and why might it be an ideal move for you?

Understanding the Role of an Affiliate Partner
An affiliate partner acts as a mediator between potential customers and product creators. In the context of real estate investing and online courses, this role involves promoting these educational resources, typically through personalized referral links. Every time a sale is made through your unique link, you earn a commission—a percentage of the sale price—making it a potentially profitable venture.

Benefits of Being an Affiliate Partner in Real Estate and Online Courses

Accessibility and Ease of Entry: The program is open to anyone with a phone, WIFI access, and a few hours to spare. This accessibility makes it inclusive for individuals from diverse backgrounds, regardless of prior experience or expertise.

Zero Sign-Up Fees or Additional Costs: Unlike many programs, this one doesn't require any initial investment. There are no sign-up fees or hidden costs, ensuring that participants can start without any financial barriers or risks.

Flexibility and Convenience: Participants can engage with the program at their convenience, allowing for flexible working hours. This flexibility accommodates various lifestyles, whether it's for students, stay-at-home parents, side-hustlers, or full-time employees seeking extra income.

Potential for Passive Income: The program offers the opportunity for participants to generate passive income. Once established, the affiliate links or strategies can continue to generate revenue with minimal ongoing effort.

Empowerment and Financial Freedom: By providing a pathway to earning without financial investment and with simple tools like a phone and WIFI, the program empowers individuals to take control of their financial journey and work towards achieving financial freedom on their terms.

You can learn more about the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing  from Impact Insights blog post.

What do I have to do?

We put together our most popular online real estate investing courses, slashed the prices to be affordable to your clients, and with each sale, you will earn 50% commission - paid directly to you.

We call this offer: 

Real Estate Wealth Accelerator: 5-in-1 Course Bundle

 Real Estate Investing Fundamentals: How to Get Started and Recognize a Good Deal

Dive into real estate investing without starting from scratch! This courses teaches you:

  • Define property terms and a deep dive into the analysis numbers
  • Identify ROI vs. vacancy rates evaluation vs. depreciating areas
  • Effective negotiation tactics
  • Identifying profitable deals 

 Short Term Rental Essentials: Mastering the Basics

Optimize your short-term rentals! Learn to maximize your short term rental with this course

  • Rental pricing strategies
  • Guest management tips
  • Determining lucrative short-term properties pricing strategies for consistent bookings
  • Mitigating unfavorable guest situations
  • Maximizing property profitability
  • Identifying profitable short-term properties
  • Managing guest experiences effectively
  • Boost property revenue streams

Maximize Your Retirement Funds through Real Estate Investing with a Self-Directed IRA
Maximize your retirement fund tax-free or tax deferred! Learn how to grow your retirement savings with this course

  • SDIRA investment strategies
  • What types of self directed IRA’s can you invest with
  • What paperwork is needed for compliance
  • How to utilize a self directed IRA for real estate investing
  • Gain independence from traditional banking
  • Connect with private money lenders
  • Secure your next investment without bank loans
  • Grow your IRA through real estate
  • Investing without relying on banks and find private money lenders

How to find the right tenant, the first time around!

Don’t let your investment go down the drain with a bad tenant

This topic is so important for investors to learn how to find, screen and get the right tenant for that it is a stand alone course. Learn the secrets to finding the perfect tenant, background checks and screening to get the best tenant possible, and costly mistakes to avoid when leasing.

  • Tenant screening & selection
  • 4 questions to ask before you show the property
  • Secure reliable tenants effortlessly
  • Time saving for landlords on getting to the right tenant
  • Verification of information
  • How to read an application for “warning” signs

Simple Property Management: Essential Skills for Successful Landlords

Become a property management pro with our course! Learn:

  • Tenant selection Proven tenant screening techniques
  • Mitigate repair costs
  • Manage lease violations
  • Cost-effective repair methods
  • Create a solid lease agreement
  • Cost-efficient maintenance
  • Navigating lease violations & evictions
  • Avoid security deposit disputes

Why would people be interested in buying these courses from our Affiliate Associates?

The benefits of taking online classes bundled at a discounted price to learn real estate investing:

Comprehensive Learning:

Our bundled courses offer a diverse range of topics, providing a well-rounded education in real estate investing. From deal analysis to rental management and retirement wealth strategies, you get a holistic understanding in one package.

Cost Efficiency:

If you were to purchase these courses individually, the cost would be $2500, but we wanted to make this affordable for anyone, so we discounted the price to $997 for the five courses, that is a huge savings for your clients.  They are  getting multiple courses at a lower collective price, maximizing the value for their real estate investing education.

Convenience and Flexibility:

Online classes allow you to learn at your own pace and schedule. With access to the courses anytime, anywhere, you can fit learning into your daily routine without disrupting other commitments.

Practical Application:

These courses include practical examples, case studies, and actionable tips, enabling you to apply what you learn in real-life investment scenarios. The bundled approach ensures a well-rounded skill set to tackle various challenges in real estate investing.

Combining these benefits with a discounted price makes the bundled courses an attractive and practical option for anyone looking to learn how to invest in real estate to maximize their return and minimize their risk. 


Here are the details of how are Associates Affiliate Program work:

After registration, each associates gets their own unique link that they share on social media and emails.

During the registration process each Associate will set up their account to be paid directly after each sale.

Once the client clicks this link, and purchases the online courses at $997, the Associate will earn a 50% commission on each sale.  The amount the Associates earns on this bundle is $498.50.

Payouts to our Associates happen on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Their will be training provided to our Associates and if needed, we will provide social media templates and emails that can be used to promote to your audience.

It is that simple!

Now, if you have made it this far in the blog, I want to invite anyone - not just my realtor friends, if this is something you are interested in, it certainly can work for you as well.  You can signup for free, and we can provide you with additional resources to set you up for success.

I am excited to offer this opportunity to anyone who is ready to join our Associates Affiliate Program, click here to find out more and to sign up today!