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Convenient, easy to follow learning 24/7 allowing to revisit concepts and learn at your own pace. Learn real estate investing strategies to build your portfolio.

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Need a speaker for your next event? We believe no one should have their time, money or resources dictated by a piece of paper. We are passionate about educating families and individuals about the benefits of investing in real estate through strategic and creative financing options and wealth strategies.

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Having personalized attention and a fresh perspective can help you with new ideas, clarify your goas and hold you accountable for taking action. Our coaching program will help you overcome obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your financial goals and building a successful real estate investing business.

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Nancy Wallace-Laabs has presented to audiences about how to find the right investment strategy, how to find the next real estate deal, and find the money to buy it!

She has written two books and a step-by-step manual called The Profitable Landlord System –for anyone who is looking for a straight forward, no nonsense approach to finding, funding, and managing single family properties.

Nancy created easy to follow and affordable online courses that can help anyone with their real estate investing journey – from using a $100.00 small dollar IRA to finding funding for your next project, we have the course that will take you to the next level!

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