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Our mission is defined by three pillars of financial growth...


Ignite Income Now

Unlock the potential for passive income through our innovative partner marketing program. 

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Fuel Your Small Business Marketing

Fuel your business success with a social media strategy designed to define and reach your target audience. 

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Real Estate Investing

Learn how to find, fund and manage long and short term rentals.

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We partner with our clients and personalize action plans tailored to their unique needs and financial goals.

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Nancy & Kelcie 

Nancy Wallace-Laabs, together with her daughter Kelcie Leka, want to help you ignite your wealth!

We are a mother-daughter duo on a mission to redefine success!

With a collective background in corporate management, we boldly stepped away from the 9-5 grind, blending our expertise in real estate investing, marketing, and strategy to build wealth and freedom on our terms.

Now, passionate about sharing our journey, we’re committed to helping others escape the traditional work model.

Join us as we empower individuals to craft their unique paths to financial independence and break free from the confines of the corporate world!

We are a team that believes true wealth goes beyond monetary success; it is about empowering individuals to realize their full financial change, guiding our clients toward unexplored avenues where hidden income lies dormant, waiting to be discovered.

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