What We Do

At Wallace-Laabs Associates, we help to eliminate the fear and uncertainty of real estate investing by teaching strategic and creative financing solutions to individuals who want to invest in real estate.

Benefits of Real Estate Investing

How does real estate investing benefit individuals? Investing in real estate can be a smart way to improve your finances in several ways:


Wallace-Laabs Associates provides a wide range of services for individuals who want to improve their knowledge and wealth building skills through real estate investing.

By implementing our strategies you will be one step closer to overcoming your fear and hesitation about real estate investing, while strengthening your ability to develop wealth building skills and create financial freedom for you and your family.

When people first start investing in real estate, they may experience a range of emotions, including excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and uncertainty. Here are some common feelings people may have when starting out:

  • Excitement: Many people feel excited about the potential to build wealth and generate passive income through real estate investing. They may also be excited about the prospect of owning a tangible asset and being able to take control of their financial future.
  • Anticipation: There is often a sense of anticipation about the future prospects of a real estate investment, whether it's the potential for appreciation, cash flow, or tax benefits. People may look forward to the possibility of seeing their investment grow over time.
  • Anxiety: Real estate investing can be a significant financial commitment, which can create feelings of anxiety and stress. People may worry about the risks involved, such as the possibility of losing money or dealing with unexpected expenses.
  • Uncertainty: For many people, investing in real estate is a new and unfamiliar experience, which can create feelings of uncertainty or doubt. They may feel unsure about how to find the right property, how to finance the investment, or how to manage the property once it's acquired.

It is very common to experience a mix of emotions when starting out in real estate investing.

Wallace-Laabs Associates provides a platform for you to gain the knowledge and skills to invest in real estate by offering an Online Academy of real estate investing courses and, for those who want more interaction, we offer affordable coaching packages.


Nancy's Story

Hi, my name is Nancy.

I grew up in the Midwest and was always looking for ways to make money, even at a young age.  I started with babysitting, and even took a job shucking corn in the middle of the fields.

I studied at the University of Kansas, and finally made it through college, and got my degree in Social Work.  One of my first jobs was managing a Section 8 program – at that time it was a bit new, and it was my first glimpse of how people can struggle to find affordable housing.

When I was growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money – or what I should say, is sometimes we were flush – and other times not so much.  So what I learned about money is that it comes and goes.  I was trying to understand how to keep the money, even as I became adult, it never seemed the money lasted to the end of the month.


I was raised that if you worked hard, you would make more money.


What I learned is if you work really hard, you are just tired and broke at the end of the day.  I had to come up with a plan and start learning how to use money and more importantly how money could work for me.

As my career progressed, I started looking at opportunities that seemed beyond me, but the money I could make, made it tempting for me to feel scared and take the risk of a new job, a move or sometimes a sacrifice to my family.

One time I was offered a job as a management consultant, and I was thrilled, I would be making the most money I ever had, but it came with a sacrifice, I had to travel often.

My husband and I struggled with the decision, but at the time, he had been laid off, so I took the job.  Looking back I realize I missed out on some family time, but we had money so it all seemed okay.

Then the biggest hurdle, emotional time for us – when we quit our jobs in Arizona, and in three weeks, we moved to the Dallas area.  We did not have jobs, but we had some money from the sale of our house, and we had faith that that we both were skilled enough to land another job.

It was at this time in my life that I really was tired of the 9 to 5, the demands from a boss, and really having to be on every single day in my management position, to say I was stuck was an understatement.


With all the fear, uncertainty and stress I decided to look at ways I could make money, be my own boss and have income where I didn’t have to worry about where my next check was coming from.

That is when I discovered real estate as a way to make money.  I read, studied, but it wasn’t until I had a trusted mentor that I really understood how I could make a living and have the kind of freedom I really longed for.

After putting in the research, taking actions and hiring the right type of coaches for me, I finally have the peace of mind I have longed for – I have the peace of mind that there is always enough money, I have the time to spend with my family and I get to be my own boss.

Taking actions, along with overcoming my feelings of fear, doubt and self-confidence, I took baby steps and finally achieved my goal of getting what I had longed for.

Now, I travel, write books and teach others just like you how to take the baby steps, how to take the action and how to overcome your biggest fears.

It has been a journey.  I created this platform for people just like you.  But I wanted to be able to give people a choice of learning, on their own terms.

Maybe you just need some information about the type of real estate your are interested in. If so, then I have online courses just for you.

Maybe you just need a free resource to answer some basic questions – got you covered there as well.

Maybe you are just stuck, frustrated and need someone to guide you, hold you accountability and give you a fresh perspective – that is why my coaching program is for you.

My platform was created with you in mind.

Wallace-Laabs Associates can help you:

Define your goals
Develop the mindset for success
Build the lifestyle you have imagined
Learn from my mistakes – what works and what doesn’t

If I can do this, you can too!


Thank you. I'm glad you're here.