Who We Are

Nancy Wallace-Laabs

A long time real estate investor, best-selling author and national speaker, Nancy Wallace-Laabs has helped people with their Financial Empowerment through strategic and creative investing strategies. Nancy teaches and educates upcoming entrepreneurs the steps and processes for successful strategic real estate investing in any market, including flipping, wholesaling, owner financing and starting a short term rental business.  She educates her clients about how they can build their private money network to help fund  real estate deals and not rely on banks to get their funding for real estate deals. 

Kelcie Leka

Kelcie Leka, an esteemed graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Emerging Media and Communications, stands out not only for her academic achievements but also for her exceptional dedication to excellence. Her impressive journey includes a notable accomplishment as she earned placement in the university's capstone program—an esteemed honor for any graduating senior.

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to career advancement, Kelcie successfully ascended the corporate ladder, attaining a management position within the sales department at a Fortune 500 company catering to the Public Sector. However, a pivotal shift occurred in her life after becoming a mother of two, prompting a reevaluation of her priorities. Fueled by a desire to fortify her financial standing and allocate more time to her family, Kelcie decided to venture into a partnership and is the co-founder of Ignite The Wealth.

Inspired by the success of her management and leadership skills in the corporate world and guided by a passion for building a financial future for her family, Kelcie has Kelcie now operates independently. Her focus has transitioned towards strategic investments, leveraging her academic background in Emerging Media and Communications to excel in Social Media Management. An additional benefit of this career shift is the gratification Kelcie derives from spending quality time with her children while enjoying professional fulfillment.