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The Participant understands and acknowledges that the content presented during the Workshop is educational in nature and not intended as personalized financial or investment advice. The Organizer shall not be held responsible for any investment decisions or outcomes made by the Participant based on the Workshop content.

The Participant recognizes that real estate investing by nature can be a risky endeavor, and Organizer is not a CPA, Attorney or Financial Planner.  Participant acknowledges any losses incurred as a result of investing is not the responsiblity of the Organizer.

Workshop fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Participant may redeem for another workshop and agrees to pay any additional charges incurred by Organizer for accomodating a new date for Participant.


Finding the perfect rental property for cashflow and equity building, now is the time to put the steps in to protect your investment.

One wrong tenant can derail you passive income and having the tools to screen tenants will benefit the novice landlord.

Benefits of the Course:

1. Learn my time saving technique to screen tenants quickly

2. Have the benefit of know of to find the most important information you need to screen any tenant

3. Learn the fast and easy way to weed out the tenants you don't want, and find the tenants you will want



Find Your First Perfect Rental Property

Are you feeling stuck, unsure, or overwhelmed about how to get started in real estate investing? Perhaps you dream of earning additional income for your family, securing a better retirement, or building a lasting legacy, but you're not sure where to begin. The Find Your First Perfect Rental Property  Workshop is designed specifically for you.


  • Discover your skills as a first time investor
  • Investment mindset for your first rental property
  • Clarify your path to your first rental property

Exclusive Bonuses:


1. First Time Investor Road Map

2.  Actionable Guide Starter Kit

3. First Rental Property Planning Work Book


What People Are Saying:

As someone with no prior experience in real estate, this workshop provided me with a solid foundation to kickstart my investment journey.

Keri L.

This workshop truly gave me the confidence and skills to become a successful real estate investor.

Ann S.

Nancy is passionate about helping others and sharing her knowledge.

Cathy D